From the story called “The Diary of Samuel Pepys” i can tell and point out what values the characters have and i can see that Pepys at a moment of the story is thankful to his wife even though he doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy person since he isn’t loyal and faithful to his wife. Before continuing with this essay, it is important that you know the meaning and definition of these two words. Trustworthiness has to do with honesty, and when you are not honest you cant be trustworthy. It is when someone relies on you for their things and feels like they can tell you anything without any judgment from your part, or when someone comes to you for advice. While thankfulness is when you feel or show your appreciation and gratitude for a kind gesture that someone has done towards you.
Now as i said before, at the beginning of this essay,Samuel Pepys shows thankfulness to his wife when he appreciates her effort done to serve him is dinner and prepare his food. But he is not trustworthy to me s…

What virtyes should people have to make earth a better place to live in

How important are virtues

It depends what you mean by virtue. In Aristotlean Virtue Ethics, virtue is defined ‘excellence’. Virtue could be determined by the mean between two excesses, so bravery is the mean between brashness and cowardice. In this sense, virtue is moderation. Now, I don't know about you, but the idea that one must consistently find the mean between two excesses to respond virtuously to a situation is a bit exhausting, but hey, who said philosophy was simple! In my opinion, virtue is an important thing to strive for, but not the most important thing to attain. We as human beings are far too flawed to truly exist virtuously, but the pursuit of virtue, moderation and measurement is something that we could all benefit from it. If you understand “virtue” in the ancient Greek sense of arete— meaning “human excellence”— it is of primary importance if you are prepared to believe that material wealth and conventional “success” are not the best measures of a life well spen…


Cambiar a español Legend has it that in the 21st century there was a scientist called louis who was trying to find a cure for cancer, but one day everything went wrong inone of his experiments and then the person in which he was proving the test started to  turn pale white as if it were dead to have many genetic mutations the which he could not fix, his teeth became fangs and the person fainted but shortly after, he woke up with strange vital signs, it was someone else, it was as if the person in which they had experimented had created a monster, this monster ate the scientist louis and it is said that he continues to inhabit the scientific fields as he seeks revenge for the bad procedures they did in that lab
Colombia/ Barranquilla/ MY NEIGHBORHOOD. I live in Colombia, Colombia is a country that has different cultures and diversity in its population Colombia is a country located at the north tip of South America. It is bounded by Panama and the Caribbean Sea in the north, by Venezuela and Brazil in the east, by Peru and Ecuador in the south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Colombia is one of the largest South American countries. Colombia is a mainly Spanish speaking, Catholic country, but has a diverse population. The capital city is Bogota, but I live near in other city named Barranquilla, I love living in Colombia because I love how people are here, people are nice and outgoing, you can talk to people here or ask for favors if you don’t even know them, I also like the climate in Colombia, in some cities is cold and others hot or tropical. Barranquilla is a city located in Colombia, Barranquilla is as Colombia a good place to live to study, to make Friends and to socialize, one of the be…
My life.

my name is Shaskia Mebarak. i was born in barranquilla on the 21st of march of 2002, which means im 16 years old now, i have got 3 siblings, 1 from my mom and dad who is called shafik, and the other two from my dad part that are my half siblings are called diana and Angie, but they are not related each other, then ive got my mom and my dad, Kelly Avendaño and robin mebarak, they are super hardworking, caring, and devoted to our family. I have been living in barranquilla since i have memory, then i moved to united states but it only last up a year and a half, cause it just didnt work out for me and my family there, it has never been hard for me to make friends, i have lots of them, i have always been nice to everyone and caring with the people i love, like my family and all of my Friends. The field im thinking to study is law and justice, i feel like its made for me even though i dont read a lot, but thats what life is for improvement, and challenges. In two words i would de…


IAt present, labor discrimination focuses more on the female population
for the simple fact of being a woman, harming them in all labor aspects,
Since they do not have the same rights as men, this is due to the
stereotypes that society has negatively constructed thought that women
It must be from home, leaving the woman with no possibilities of overcoming. This
also usually happens in the case of the men who are at the head of the
companies thinking that women can not perform the same functions than them, evidencing the prejudices they have.
These days womens are often rejected in works fields, beacuse of many reasons these reasons show also the non competition of some country's and also shows what the work d shows women's as.
For example, some job offers solicit engineers, women show up and are sometimes rejected. In the popular imagination, intelligence is associated with the masculine and unfortunately in this country the feminine is bound only to beauty, the world and some…


all around the world there have been always problems in social political and mostly economic areas, but this time we are talking about the same problems not on the world but on south america. first of all, there are 12 countries in south america each one has problems of the ones i mentioned before but more exactly on the economy, the ones im maybe concerned about and want to share it in this article are, colombia, chile, and venezuela, each one of this country has all those problems and has ups and downs on its economy. colombia, even though colombia is a very rich country, the wealth that our Colombian homeland has. According to our point of view, Colombia burst with natural wealth, and that is good, but there is also another wealth, not very good, which we will look at later.....Each Colombian person can enrich us in two very different ways or ways, these are the two faces that our country has.The first way that enriches us is very positive and construct…